"What is iCoordinator?"
What is iCoordinator and what it means to companies in terms of a secure document management solution.
"I am going crazy organising my files and folders"
How iCoordinator™ helps to organise files and folders in an easy way using Labels and Smart folders.
"I would like my team to collaborate on a document"
File access permission and version control ensures a highly secure document management solution with effective team collaboration.
"Forgot my presentation file in the office!"
With online storage that automatically synchronises files on laptop/mobile device, accessing a file from anywhere is easy .
"I need to edit my document while I am on the flight"
With the capability to edit the files offline, working on the files even when travelling or from an offline location is easier.
"Oh..I lost my laptop and all the files in it!"
With files stored online and automatically synched between systems, it is easy to retrieve files even if you lose a system.
"My email server has a restriction on the file size that can be sent"
With the ability to create and email links to large files to recipents, it is easy to handle large files in iCoordinator™.
"Do I really have to upload these files each time to a folder on the server?"
With iCoordinator™, users can directly email a file to a particular folder on the server.
"I need to store the files related to different customers seperately"
Workspaces are a unique concept in iCoordinator. Within each portal there can be multiple workspaces with own access rights.
"Let's celebrate"
Some of the key benefits iCoordinator™ brings to the companies.