The Search-function in the portal can be used to search files. The Search-function is found at the top right corner of the window (next to the cogwheel).

To Search, just type in the file name you want to search for and click on the button. Then the window Search matches opens, where your search hits will show up. You can now choose to mark a file and Download it to your local computer. Otherwise you can preview the file by clicking the button Preview. You can close the window when you are done with the button Close.

NOTE: You can change the sorting in the columns. In the list below you can sort the search hits in Ascending or Descending order if you click at the arrow next to the column, for example Name. In the end point of the fields to the right you can choose what columns that will be shown in the row, by clicking on the down-arrow and mark the checkboxes in Columns for the columns you want to show.