(WS = Workspace)

Portal permissions:

Access                                             Is member of the portal and can be added to WS:s within the portal.

May invite                                       Is member, Access + can invite others to the portal.

Portal admin                                  Is member, can invite and can create Workspaces, create Labels etc.

WS permissions:

WS Access                                      Is member of the WS and got access to it.

WS May invite                                Is WS member + Can invite others to this WS.

WS Admin                                      Is WS member, access to everything within the WS.

File & Folder permissions:

None                                               User does not have access to the object.

Read                                               User can access the object (file or folder), but not update it/upload new version.

Edit                                                 Read + User can access and edit/write content to the object.

Can grant others to Read             Read + permission to give other users Read & Grant Read permissions to the object.

Can grant others to Edit               Read + Edit + grant Read + permission to give other users Edit and Grant Edit permissions to the object.

Misc. info:

  • File & folder permissions can be set for a user or a (workspace) group.
  • To gain access to a file, use this process:
  1. User is invited to the portal, and accepts it.
  2. The User is added to a Workspace.
  3. File/Folder permissions are set to Read or Edit for User.
  • A portal admin does not have default access to all workspaces (but he/she can add him/herself as a member of any WS).
  • A user with WS access does not have default access to content in the WS, but needs to have some File/Folder permissions set first.
  • Objects inherits permissions from the parent folder.
  • Inherited permissions can be overridden by setting permissions explicitly for that object.
  • Explicitly set permissions overrides inherited permissions (for e.g. if the user is a member of a group, it overrides).