iCoordinator Web Extension application installation

You can find iCoordinator Web Extension in the Windows Store on your computer. Search for "iCoordinator Web Extension" and click Download. Choose whether to log in or just use it on that device (if you click No thanks or click X). The extension is first downloaded and then installed. Click Start to start the extension. In future computer startups, the add-on will start automatically along with the operating system.

Starting up with iCoordinator Web Extension application

The default setting is that iCoordinator Web Extension application starts up automatically along with the computer's operating system. If necessary, click the iCoordinator Web Extension icon to start the extension manually (for example, if you have closed it). Depending on the operating system, you will find the icon in the Start menu, or even on the Desktop (in older Windows operating systems). In newer Windows 8 and 10, you may also find the icon among other apps (in Panels).

NOTE: At the first start up (often after you have double clicked a file and have chosen Check out) you must fill in your login credentials (Username and Password) in the window that appears. These are the same login details that you use to log in via the web browser. After that iCoordinator Web Extension will autostart together with your operating system and will be ready when you Check out a file.

After launching the iCoordinator Web extension, you will see an icon down right in the taskbar. If you right-click the icon, you can select Open and Exit.

NOTE: If you do not see the icon at the bottom of the Windows taskbar, you may need to click the "Show hidden icons" arrow in the taskbar to see it in the Message bar. Depending on your settings, how this is displayed may vary between different computers.

iCoordinator Web Extension installed Yes or No?

If you double click on a file and do not have the application installed, you will get a 3-button dialog window where you can choose Check out, Preview and Download. The first time you click on Check out you will get another dialog window asking if you got the application installed Yes or No. You need to answer (if you check the checkbox the web browser will remember your choice), if you answer Yes you get another dialog window asking if you want to let the web site to open the application.

When you click Open you can choose with what program you want to open the file, for example Word. Of course, this depends on what programs you got installed (in some web browsers you also must allow pop-up windows, for the file to be opened).

If you click No, the Windows Store page opens instead so that you can download the extension (usually the Windows Store opens locally when you click on the browser link).