In Activity history you can see the history of events in the portal. For example you can see what files that have been uploaded, edited or deleted. There also you see information about when it was done, and by whom. At the same place you can also see if a member has been added to the portal etc. You can also sort up to a selected date, and workspace (All or a particular workspace). If you hover over the file name you can see in what folder and workspace the file is located. If you click on the file you can choose if you want to Preview or Open the file location by clicking.

NOTE: In the list you can sort the events in Ascending or Descending order if you click at the arrow next to Date. In the end point of the fields Workspace, Description, Subject and By user to the right you can choose what columns that will be shown in the row, by clicking on the down-arrow. Also here you can choose to sort in Ascending or Descending order.

NOTE: You can always choose to hide these windows by clicking the up-arrow in the upper right corner. Another click on the same button will show the window again.