Organizing business data with labels and smart folders

On a day-to-day life we organize our documents by categorizing and having them in different folders or cabinets with corresponding labels. For example, often one have a folder to keep all the bills, one to keep the bank related papers, another one for agreements and so on.   With the traditional approach of having folders and cabinets is still used in offices that are paper-centric. Searching and finding the correct information often becomes daunting, time-consuming and inadvertently affect the overall productivity.

As the technology advances, more and more companies prefer a paperless environment that is more environment-friendly and easy to handle. One of the advantages of having an online document management system is that users can create different folders with names and have their files stored online with any time anywhere access.

Association of labels to files

Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solutions such as iCoordinator™  is gone a step further by adding features such as labels and smart folders in order to streamline the files storage online and making it easy to for the users to manage their files.

By having the provision to associate or attach different types of labels to particular files allow the users to manage them based on “what is stored” than “where it is stored”. Based on the labels the the files can be organized and grouped together for easy access.

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Inherit labels via folders

The possibility to associate labels to a folder makes it even easier for the users to manage the files. When a file is stored in a folder with a label inherit the label and thus users can avoid adding the label to each of the files.

Generate automatic listing of files through smart folders

With smart folders users will have a number of virtual folders that will generate the list of files with specific labels. Users are able to create smart folders that contains different file label criteria and all the files associated will get dynamically listed within the virtual folder.

Create document workflows based on labels and smart folders

By using labels and smart folders the files can be routed and organized automatically to a designated folder and in effect can have document workflows where documents that are associated with particular labels can be automatically routed and presented to the users in Smart folders.

For example, by using a simple label  “For review”, all the documents that needs to be reviewed can be routed to a smart folder. After the review the label can be changed to “Reviewed” and the files can be automatically shown in the corresponding smart folder.


With the labels and smart folders companies can have views that can be created dynamically and shared among department and functional groups. The information also can be tailor-made according to an individual or a group needs.  

With the effective usage of labels and smart folders users and companies can save time, have a more robust approach in organizing the business data and in effect increase the overall productivity.

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