Discover the new way of collaboration
and collaboration software that can be the central
iCoordinator™, is an online project management
nervous system of your collaboration efforts
Multi-project portfolio
1GB Free storage space
Project planning and activity tracking
Time tracking through web, desktop and mobile interfaces
Document management & handling of online and offline files
File version controlling
Metadata & Meta folders
Task, cost & contact management
Achieve results together
Effective communication
Easy access
Efficient task management
Active participation
Better performance
Get connected from anywhere
Monitor and update progress
Work from anywhere
Track time spend on activities
Have controll on your project costs
Achieve better resource utilization

iCoordinator™ is an online project management software and collaboration tool that can act as the central nervous system of your business

Key Features

Effective planning is one of the key success factors of any project execution. The project management area of iCoordinator™ provides all the essential components required for a quick as well as detailed project planning. Project planner, interactive Gantt chart, multi-project scheduling with work break down structure (WBS), drag & drop activities, import and export of Microsoft® Project plans are some of the key features. Read more
One of the highlights of iCoordinator™ is its ability to provide multiple workspaces. Each workplace, which is called as room consists its own project management, document management, resource management, contact management and cost management areas. This allows organizations to have different customer/department/location wise rooms and associate users to each of them. Read more
Optimizing resource utilization is very important in achieving the organizational goals and the related activities. iCoordinator™ allows easy allocation of resources to different activities based on their roles . The resource planner dashboard gives individual resource’s activity details with the percentage of work that has been completed. The graph provides details about the utilization of a particular resource. Read more
Effectively tracking the time spent on activities is vital as it can be used to measure the estimated effort versus the actual effort in completing a particular activity, time & material based activity billing, resource optimization purpose etc. With add-on applications like iCoordinator™ Desktop & iCoordinator™ Mobile, resources can easily record the time they spent on different activities on day-to- Read more
Organizing and easily accessing the files in iCoordinator™ is very robust with Metadata & Smart folders. Metadata attributes such as author, subjects, keywords etc. can be associated to files and later utilized for search. Smart folders provide virtual folders that contain files that are having specific metadata information attached to it. The combination makes it very easy to organize all the files and folders within the system. Read more
iCoordinator™ helps individuals to effectively manage their day-to-day tasks. The tasks could be categorized and grouped together, the status of the tasks can be updated based on the due date and the current status. Tasks can be access through iCoordinator™ Desktop & iCoordinator™ Mobile making it easier to update them from anywhere. Read more
The document management area provides a highly secured web-based document management system with a folder based file storage structure and powerful access control. Users can drag & drop files and send emails with documents as links. The in-built version controlling system keep track of the version/change history of the file and users can initiate review and approval workflow from within the system. Read more

Benefits for

  • Collaborate easily and effectively with different departments and external parties
  • Manage your projects and activities with accuracy and efficiency
  • Get a birds eye view of the projects and activities of the entire organization
  • Manage your resources and have an overall view on their activities
  • Organize your business activities, communicate and make deliveries ontime
  • Have your documents and files in a single place and access it from anywhere
  • Manage your web sites and update them regularly without the external help
  • Take control of your expenses and monitor your cash flow
  • Have an overall view of the ongoing projects and activities and manage them well
  • Utilize your resources effectively and allocate them to the appropriate tasks
  • Easily communicate with your team members and peers
  • Control your costs, manage your time and increase productivity

"iCoordinator™ has become the lifeline in coordinating. communicating and managing different projects within our department. With different workspaces, it enable us to segregate different areas based on the subject and users can access those areas based on their roles from across the globe"
Erling Nordlund, Professor
Division of Mining and Geotechnical Engineering