iCoordinator - Online Collaboration Software

Discover the new way of collaboration
software that can be the central nervous
iCoordinator™, is an online collaboration
system of your collaboration efforts
Plan and execute your project related tasks on time
Manage your documents and files online and securely
Track the time spent on project related activities easily

iCoordinator is an online project management software and collaboration tool that can act as the central nervous system of your business, assisting you to collaborate easily, manage tasks efficiently and achieve higher productivity.

  • Collaborate easily and effectively with different departments and external parties
  • Manage your projects and activities with accuracy and efficiency
  • Get a birds eye view of the projects and activities and increase the organizational performance
  • Manage your resources and have an overall view on their activities


  • Manage your business, organize your activities, communicate and make deliveries ontime
  • Have your documents and files in a single place and access it from anywhere
  • Manage your web sites and update them regularly without the external help
  • Take control of your expenses and monitor your cash flow


  • Have an overall view of the ongoing projects and activities and manage them well
  • Utilize your resources effectively and allocate them to the appropriate tasks
  • Easily communicate with your team members and peers
  • Control your costs, manage your time and increase productivity


iCoordinator™ 3.0, the new version of  iCoordinator™ is released. The new version will be available for all the existing customers. Apart from  the general performance improvements the new release includes some major enhancements like meta data for better organization of files with meta tags, smart folder for arranging file that contains specific meta data, file viewer for easy viewing of more than 300 types of files and message center for easier communication between the participants.

Often the title could be misleading, but in this case it is true, we have launched a new version of iCoordinator™ for single users to have  free project management & collaboration software. The news version comes with 1GB complimentary storage space and is ideal for single owner companies, consultants,  start ups and users who are looking for a free project management and document management solution to start with and have the possibility to extend it as a collaboration solution by adding more users later.



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