Collaborative Document Management

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A glance into iCoordinator™

Document management

All new document management experience with Windows & Mac OS X native integration.


Secure and effective collaboration with workspaces, rights managed access and sharing.

File over email

Add the files to email and send to get added to a specific document directory within the workspace.


Labels that can be attached and associated with any files and folders for easy organisation.

Smart folders

Smart folders enabling virtual folders that can gather files that contain specific labels.


Multiple workspaces in a single portal acting as independent units within the organization.

iCoordinator™ is an online collaborative document management solution aimed at organisations looking for a safe and secure document management solution.

"I am going crazy organising my files and folders"
"My email server has a restriction on the file size that can be sent"
"I need to edit my document while I am on the flight"
"What is iCoordinator?"

Give it a try!

    • Basic

      Ideal for small teams looking for secure document management and effective collaboration.

    • 4 €/month/user*

    • *Minimum 3 users

    • Try
    • Buy
      • 3 workspaces
      • Up to 10 users
      • 100 GB storage
      • 2 GB file size
      • 30 day free trial
    • Business

      Better collaboration options, additional capabilities, effective synchronization and team management.

    • 12 €/month/user*

    • *Minimum 3 users

    • Try
    • Buy
      • 50 workspaces
      • 1 TB Storage
      • 5 GB file size
      • File over email
      • Email and forum support
      • 30 day free trial
    • Enterprise

      Premier account management, advanced configuration options including onsite installation. Ideal for organizations looking for total control on the solution with the utmost security features.

    • Contact
      • Unlimited workspaces
      • Corporate cloud
      • Customized storage options
      • OEM possibilities
      • File over email
      • API access
      • External user connector
      • Telephone, email and forum support


iCoordinator™ Desktop applications


App for Android

App for iOS

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